Wednesday, March 16, 2011

There is No Tea Party; They are Tea Bag Republicans

What is the best and most fair term to describe these Tea Bag Republicans. The term “Tea Party” is dishonest. There is no Tea Party; when they run for office they all have “Republican” after their names. These supposed Tea Partiers are almost all Republicans that are ashamed of the mess that Bush left and don't want to own it so they claim to be something other than Republican; yet these Tea Partiers want to double down with a more extreme version of the same Republican policies that have nearly destroyed our economy. I think "Republican" has to be included in their description because that is what they are; they are just trying to hide from being called Republican.
I am open to using a term that doesn't have negative connotations such as Tea Bag Republican which is a fairly accurate term but it is a mouthful. Folks have used the term “Tea Bagger” because Tea Bagger is the term they first used for themselves and many think it accurately depicts what they want to do to this country, but the term "Tea Bagger" has a decidedly negative connotation and prejudices the conversation.
When they appear on the ballot with Tea Party after their name alongside Republican and Democratic candidates, then it will be fair to call them Tea Partiers, until then, they should be called something that doesn't let them run from their Republican affiliation such as Tea Bag Republicans, Tea Party Republicans or just Republican Tea Partiers.

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