Sunday, August 19, 2012

An Up or Down Vote on Medicare

This election is rare in that it is a clear up or down vote on the Republican budget designed by Paul Ryan, passed by the Republicans in the House and endorsed by Romney. This budget dismantles Medicare, increases defense spending and gives huge tax cuts to the rich while cutting education, child care, science and infrastructure.

Here are a few facts about Medicare and Social Security to keep in mind:
1. Medicare and Social Security are Democratic programs and have been hugely successful and popular.
2. Many Republicans hate that Medicare and Social Security are so popular, and that so much credit accrues to the Democrats, and have always looked for ways to weaken or dismantle these “socialist” programs.
3. Since Medicare and Social Security are the crown jewels of Democratic accomplishments, Democratic administrations vigilantly protect these programs and make changes with an eye to keeping them sustainable into the future on a sound financial footing.
4. When you hear a Republican say that Democrats are trying to destroy Medicare and Social Security, you know he is lying.
5. When you hear a Republican claim he is trying to “save” Medicare or Social Security, Watch Out!

Remember in 2005 when Bush, after being reelected, tried to privatize Social Security under the guise of saving it. If he had succeeded in privatizing Social Security to Wall Street, Social Security would have been destroyed in the Wall Street collapse of 2008. Now they want to do the same thing to Medicare; electing Republicans this year will give them clear approval to dismantle Medicare and eventually Social Security. Choices in elections are rarely this clear; after all the smoke and obfuscation, this election boils down to a straight up or down vote on the future of Medicare and Social Security.

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