Friday, July 4, 2014

Obama May Prove to be the Greatest President Ever

Obama has accomplished more without war than perhaps any president in history: Inherited an economy on the verge of total collapse and prevented a second Great Depression, the American economy has just marked the longest period (52 months) of sustained private sector job creation ever in history eclipsing Bill Clinton's previous record of 51 months,  the deficit is declining at the fastest rate in 60 years, the economy is adding jobs faster than anytime since the 1990s tech boom, more than half of all stock market wealth in America has been created in the last 5 years, Obama has made great strides in securing the world's loose nukes, passed and implemented universal healthcare, made the gutsy call to kill Osama bin Laden, ended two wars he inherited, brought home the last POW, killed more terrorists in 5 years than the previous president did in 8 years, showed how to disarm a country of its WMD by disarming Syria of all its WMD without firing a shot, deposed the tyrant Qaddafi in Libya without using American troops, captured the mastermind of the Benghazi attack and forced Putin to blink and back down from reconstituting a new Soviet empire without using military threats and risking WW3. Whew, that's not even a complete list!
He did all this with complete Republican obstructionism; an opposition party actually trying to harm the economy as a means of hurting the president. Think how much better things could be if we had an opposition party that put the interests of the country ahead of hateful partisan politics.
If a Republican president achieved any one of the above accomplishments, they would be carving his face on Mt Rushmore. Yet all Obama receives is scorn and hate from an opposition party that refuses to celebrate American victories if it means giving the black guy a shred of credit.
The Republican opposition to Obama has not been anything like normal and appropriate opposition on policies, it has been unprecedented in its extreme, over-the-top hatred, unlike anything ever seen before. Republicans take offense when this opposition is called racist but are we to believe that the first black president and the most extreme opposition to a president ever in history, just happen to coincide and have nothing in common? This hatred of the president can't be because he is extreme in his policies because he is not, he is a moderate with which many on the left have been disappointed. As an aside, this is why Obama's poll numbers come out low; he gets down voted by a lot of people on the left in addition to the conservatives. So again, is the first black president accompanied by the most extreme hatred of a president in history just a coincidence? Obviously not. Like it or not, Obama may prove to be the greatest president ever. Maybe we should start looking at plans for Obama's face on Mt Rushmore.

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