Monday, October 20, 2014

The Republican Meme of Obama's Failure

My guess is that Democrats are going to lose the Senate in this coming 2014 election. There is a pall of apathy in the country; just the thing to result in remarkably low turnout for Democrats and independents.
The media, whether intentionally or not, has been colluding with the Republicans to create a feeling in the country that nothing is working, Obama is incompetent, Obama is failing and government can't get anything done. Just a damn minute, what has Obama failed at? Is it because of ISIS or Putin or Ebola? There are always going to be crises in the world and a U.S. president can not control or prevent them, he can only deal with these crises in a sane and rational manner which Obama is doing.
What has Obama failed at? Nothing! He has succeeded time after time with no credit from the media. He inherited an economy on the verge of total collapse and prevented a second Great Depression, he returned modest regulation to an out-of-control banking sector, he rescued the American auto industry,  the economy has broken Bill Clinton's record for the longest period of sustained private sector job creation ever,  the deficit is declining at the fastest rate in 60 years, we are adding jobs faster than anytime since the 1990s tech boom, more than half of all stock market wealth in America has been created under Obama, the U.S. has just passed Saudi Arabia to become the number one oil producer in the world, the cost of solar energy is plummeting as the U.S approaches total energy independence, Obama made great strides in securing the world's loose nukes, passed and implemented universal healthcare, made the gutsy call to kill Osama bin Laden, ended two wars he inherited, killed more terrorists in 5 years than the previous president did in 8, showed how to disarm a country of its WMD by disarming Syria of all its WMD without firing a shot, deposed the tyrant Qaddafi in Libya without using American troops and captured the mastermind of the Benghazi attack. Whew, and that's nowhere near a complete list!
He did all this with near total Republican obstructionism; an opposition party actually trying to harm the economy as a means of damaging the president. Think how much better things could be if we had an opposition party that put the interests of the country ahead of hateful partisan politics.
Yet the media, for whatever reason, continues to hammer Obama as a failed president despite his long string of impressive successes. Republicans want the country to be in a sour mood. They know that if ordinary voters are feeling like hope is lost or just generally apathetic, they will not show up to vote and that will help Republicans since their ideologically enraged base will always show up. Therefore I see major Republican gains due in large part to a media that has bought into, and fed, the Republican meme of Obama's failure.

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